Kenning environment variables

This section contains information about Kenning environment variables and how they influence the behavior of the program.


KENNING_CACHE_DIR defines directory for resources used by Kenning, like downloaded datasets. If it is not defined, $HOME/.kenning will be used.


KENNING_MAX_CACHE_SIZE specifies the maximum amount of space used by cache. The default value is 50GB.


If KENNING_USE_DEFAULT_EXCEPTHOOK environmental variable is defined, sys.excepthook will not be overridden.

This function is overridden in order to enable mechanism for deducing which optional dependencies are missing. For instance, if gluoncv is not available, Kenning will suggest installing kenning[mxnet] which contains missing package with defined version restriction and other requirements.

Kenning CLI does not require custom sys.excepthook, so it will not be affected by USE_DEFAULT_EXCEPTHOOK variable.


KENNING_DOCS_VENV defines path to the virtual environment used for tests marked as docs. If is not defined, system’s default environment will be used.


If KENNING_ENABLE_ALL_LOGS environmental variable is defined, logs from other libraries will be enabled. Passes verbosity of Kenning logs to other libraries.

This is useful for debugging purposes, but it may cause a lot of noise in the logs.


By default Kenning, before and after each inference, validates received data with defined specification. Similar check is done before evaluation.

These validations can be disabled defining KENNING_DISABLE_IO_VALIDATION variable.

Last update: 2024-04-08